Consignment Store

808 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, ON


About Us

RE-GEAR was co-founded by two long time friends and street riders both named Alex.

The inspiration for RE-GEAR came from the fact that every Power Sports Rider has gear they have acquired, but for what can be a number of reasons, have no more use for.

The options available to sell your gear privately are a yard sale, putting an ad up in a grocery store (both of which are non-targeted methods and generally ineffective) or advertising it on-line such as: Kijiji or Craigslist both of which offer challenges to sellers such as:

  • Untimely phone calls from prospective buyers.
  • People who agree on a time to come to your house or meet you somewhere and either are late of do not show up at all.
  • The idea of strangers coming to your home, putting you/your family under unnecessary risk.
  • People who expect you to drive unreasonable distances to meet them.
  • Buyers showing up without the exact funds and you are expected to make change or now wait while they go to an ATM.

What if a consignment store existed where people could bring their unwanted items and someone else dealt with the sales process?

Buyers save money purchasing quality pre-owned goods and Sellers simply drop off their dormant gear and pick up CASH when their item sells.

There are clothing stores and sporting goods stores that address this need but no one was doing it for power sports RE-GEAR was born!

You have peace of mind in knowing that both Alex’s are knowledgeable and have trusted reputations within the power sports and retail community so Sellers will see results and Buyers will find great value in the products purchased at RE-GEAR.